Gareth and Belcy Hayter say they now have no clothes or supplies for their baby, which could come at any time.

The couple who had sentimental baby gear stolen out
of their car on the North Shore earlier this week are “truly
overwhelmed” by the offers of support that have flooded in.
Gareth and Belcy Hayter, who are expecting their first child any day now, spoke in the Herald this morning of how “distraught” they were at losing two bags containing specially made baby gifts from family members overseas.
Hayter, a software developer, was parked across from his work in the
lower AUT University parking lot at the Esmonde Rd off ramp on Monday
morning when he returned to find a back window smashed and the bags
The bags – a blue Nike duffel bag and an Adidas black and
orange bag of a similar style – were in the car ready to go to the

A half empty oil can in the back was also taken, but a camera, GPS device and a brand new baby capsule seat were left behind.
Hayter said the couple were immediately contacted by friends this
morning after their story appeared in the paper, “offering to help us
with new-born clothes and other things, even offering to bring it over
to us tonight”.
He said old friends and acquaintances from years
ago also reached out to them and once the article was shared on
Facebook, even former classmates from overseas got in touch.
“We have been blessed by many very kind Kiwis,” Mr Hayter said.
Herald readers have been incredible – there are so many kind and good
people out there. We had offers from many readers, including Jenny
Hodgson and Gaye Pratt, with offers of clothes and other items.”
Pratt, district chairwoman and council member at voluntary women’s
service organisation Inner Wheel, reached out to the Hayters this
“Here are these poor souls that are all ready to go to
the hospital because she’s due and then suddenly there’s nothing in the
car,” she said.
Ms Pratt is a member of the East Coast Albany
Bays Inner Wheel club, which delivers baby bags for mothers who arrive
at North Shore Hospital empty handed.
Partly funded by Rotary,
the club’s 22 members put together the bags – valued at about $70 to $80
each – and provide mothers with everything from nappies and soap to
clothes, toys and teddy bears.
Upon reading the Hayters’ story in
today’s Herald, Ms Pratt thought it would be a good opportunity to
reach out and extend a helping hand.
“It was just the thought that these people are getting robbed of such personal things.”
telling their story in attempt to recover the special items, not to
appeal to people’s charity, Mr Hayter said the eagerness of people to
help has blown him and his wife away.
“[It] is a testament to the good people all around us – helping each other.”
from AUT University spent 45 minutes helping Mr Hayter search the
campus grounds yesterday to look for any discarded items, but had no
“Even though they had been packing up to go home when I
approached them to ask whether they’d noticed anything on Monday, once
they heard what had happened they locked up their vehicle and began
searching with me. So happy and keen to help – amazing.”
Hayter said he had also received ongoing help from police and his
insurance provider over the past two days, and wished to thank them.Even
though no items have been returned to the couple yet, they remain
“We’re not giving up just yet – we’re still hoping that they are quietly handed in at AUT, NZ Herald or a police station.
with a sense of the good people around us, we know our little one will
love being the first member of our family to be born in New Zealand.”