BBC journalist Sarah Teale harassed in street during report

September 27, 2015 11:26 am


BBC journalist Sarah Teale was filming a report on the street. Picture / BBC Radio Nottingham

Statistics became a reality for one BBC journalist reporting on the numbers of women harassed on the street.
Teale, a journalist for BBC East Midlands Today, was perched on a wall
on a street corner in the English city of Nottingham doing a piece to
camera about a recent study looking into street harassment.

“An online study showed a shocking 95 per cent of people said
they had been harassed, either jeered at or had obscenities shouted at
them in the street and a large proportion of them said they’d also been
groped, or grabbed inappropriately in public,” she said into the camera.
as she finished a man in a white hoodie and black pants walked past and
released a string of obscenities causing Ms Teale to say: “Yeah, like
She later took to Twitter to report on the irony of the incident.
– reporting how 95 per cent of women are victims of verbal harassment
and a man shouts sexual obscenities at me,” she said.

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