Armed inmate attacks officer at Manawatu Prison

September 28, 2015 4:50 pm

A Corrections officer has been attacked by an armed inmate at Prison.
director Andy Langley said the incident happened this afternoon. Two
other staff were injured while disarming the prisoner.
“The staff members have been given medical treatment. Their injuries are not life-threatening.
“The prisoner is being transferred to the management unit at Rimutaka Prison. His security classification will be reviewed.”

 Police had been advised and were now investigating the attack. Photo / File

Police had been advised and were now investigating the attack.
Mr Langley said Corrections managed some of New Zealand’s most difficult and challenging citizens.
is always a risk as many offenders resort to violent behaviour as a
means of resolving issues and of expressing themselves. Prisoners can be
volatile and unpredictable and many have long histories of antisocial

The department had a zero tolerance policy toward prisoner
assaults on staff and other prisoners. No assault was acceptable.
However, from time to time prison attacks did occur.
Mr Langley said staff safety was the department’s priority.
would not tolerate prisoners using violence against staff or other
prisoners, and when this did occur those involved would be held to
“Custodial staff received specialist training in
tactical communications, de-escalation techniques and negotiation to
de-escalate volatile incidents and manage non compliant prisoners. This
training provides staff with the skills to remove themselves from
dangerous situations where a control and restraint team is not an
immediate option or cannot respond in time.”
In addition,
personal protective equipment was available, including slash-proof
gloves for searching. All sites had access to pepper spray and stab
resistant body armour which was used, when approved, in planned events.
Corrections had recently completed a concept trial of on-body cameras
and was now testing a small number of cameras to ascertain if they
enhanced the safety of Corrections officers.
“Feedback from staff
and prisoners suggests wearing on-body cameras has had positive effects
on prisoner behaviour and has assisted in de-escalating potentially
violent situations.”
Mr Langley said the department was in the
second year of the Staff Safety Plan which aimed to reduce the number of
serious assaults and violence in prisons and the community.

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