Unlucky man killed by shark off Tasmanian coast


A man has been killed by a shark off the coast of Tasmania while reportedly diving for scallops with this daughter.
attack happened on Saturday morning at Lachlan Point off Maria Island,
where there were reported sightings of a four-and-a-half metre white
pointer on Friday, senior ranger Peter Lingard, told the Hobart

The attack happened at Lachlan Point off Maria Island in Tasmania. Photo / Thinkstock
The victim was reportedly diving for scallops with his daughter when he was attacked early on Saturday.
Mercury said the man’s daughter saw the incident, rose to the surface
and let off a flare to get the attention of other boats in the area.
local dive tour operator, Bruce Priestley, said sharks are attracted to
the area by a seal colony at Ile Des Phoques but are not common.
been here 14 years, in the water nearly every day, and I’ve only seen
two sharks with teeth in that time,” Mr Priestley told AAP.
are expected to hold a media conference later on Saturday, but are
advising boat owners and divers to stay out of the water.

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