Uniqlo sex tape: Video of couple caught in a tryst in a Beijing store goes viral



Uniqlo flagship store where a steamy video purportedly taken inside one
of its fitting room showing a couple apparently having sex. Photo / AP

Beijing, – A video of a couple supposedly having sex in a Uniqlo changing room
in Beijing has caused moral outrage across the Chinese internet.
incident, which took place on Tuesday when an unidentified couple
filmed themselves in a changing room, was later identified as taking
place at Uniqlo in Beijing’s busy Sanlitun shopping district.
clip subsequently went viral prompting accusations that the video was
in fact a ‘guerilla’ marketing campaign orchestrated by the Japanese
retail giant.
In response to the tape, which is currently under
investigation by the Chinese authorities, Uniqlo, issued a statement on
Wednesday on its microblog page denying its involvement in the X-rated
“As a responsible international brand, Uniqlo is dedicated
to providing consumers with safe, comfortable and quality shopping
experiences and locations.

We would like to remind all customers to abide by society’s
moral standard and properly and appropriately use our fitting rooms.”
one-minute clip was leaked onto the social media app, WeChat, on
Tuesday night. By the next day it had become a top-trending topic on
Weibo, China’s micro-blogging platform, registering 2.5 million searches
and posts, according to local reports.
The Cyberspace
Administration of China (CAC), China’s internet regulator has condemned
the country’s two major web portals, Tencent, operators of WeChat, and
Sina, operators of Weibo, for allowing the explicit material to be
published and spread.
The CAC issued a statement after the clip
went viral saying the platforms had “breached some bottom lines and
violated core socialist values” in China, where producers of pornography
can be sent to prison, according to reports.
It urged the
companies to increase their social responsibility, strengthen management
and cooperate with the government in investigating the case. It added
that the CAC will continue to monitor Chinese cyberspace and that
individuals suspected of propagating pornography will be held criminally
responsible, reported Beijing .
Chinese T-shirt vendors have
seized on the images and released tops bearing the stills from the
video on Taobao, an e-retail site.
On Thursday, searches for the
tape had been blocked on Weibo, and previous comments from internet
users removed, as the government closed ranks to minimise further

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