Sugar Daddy Prohibited Amid China’s Anti-corruption Campaign


In the United States of America, everybody knows what sugar daddy means. But in , there is a similar name “gandie,” for this kind of relationship. But it doesn’t always mean they are romantically involved. It is just a way to form a close relationship between two non-related man and woman so that they can take care of each other like family members.
  They don’t only have “gandie,” which is a little bit like sugar daddy or God father, but also have “ganma,” which is close to God mother, and “ganjie,” for God sister and “gange,” for God brother.
But China’s recent anti-corruption campaign made this kind of relationship a target to be prohibited. Recently in Qingshen County in China’s Southwest Sichuan province, the local government decided to prohibit its officials from forming this kind of “unhealthy relationship” to avoid fraud, graft, nepotism and cronyism.
They made this decision because for years, people have been taking advantage of this kind of relationship to get government contracts, to get promoted or to seek any personal gains.
So far over 50 local officials have relinquished the relationship and a total of 400 local officials and communists members have signed the commitment statement to promise not to strike up this kind of relationship.

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