Happy Senegalese comedian Moussier Tombola


is a Senegalese comedian based in France. He also does stand-up in various shows.  He has an  amazing talent and any where he is, you can always distinguish him from his mates through his talent. He is always happy when on stage performing to the audience. Many people love him for his amusing that makes people laugh through his jokes and acting. He named himself Moussier
Tombola, exactly as his father would pronounce the word “Monsieur” (Mr.
in French). He was born to Saint-Dié-des-Vosges In 2011, he released
his debut single “Logobitombo (Corde à sauter)” reaching #5 in the
official French Singles Chart. The song is based on infectious dance
moves that became a craze and went viral on YouTube, and eventually a
big hit, “Logobitombo” being a created word combining the African music
genre and dance Logobi combined with Tombo (part of his name), literally
Tombola-style Logobi music.
The music video in cooperation with his friend Jessy Matador directed by Hilton Aya also refers to the success via YouTube.

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