Chineese doctor and grandfather suspected of killing newborn with cleft lip at Shanghai hospital


A newborn child who had a cleft lip was found dead at Shanghai’s Chongming No.2 People’s Hospital on July 15, Oriental Morning Post reports, and the baby’s grandfather along with a gynaecologist at the hospital have been detained on suspicion of murdering the child.
According to reports,
the baby was delivered at around 5:45 p.m. on July 14. The child was
born with a cleft lip, a treatable condition that occurs about 1 to 2
per 1,000 births in the developed world. On July 17 at around 2:30 p.m.,
the baby was found dead by a nurse who was making rounds in the
maternity ward.
The nurse immediately called the baby’s family and notified them of
the child’s death, however, she became suspicious when the parents
reacted in an unusually calm manner.
Preliminary investigation by police found that the baby’s death was unnatural, and police suspect that the grandfather had injected potassium chloride into the child.
According to SCMP,
the baby’s grandfather has sought advice from a doctor surnamed Zhou
and obtained the potassium chloride from her. He then injected the
undiluted substance into the infant’s head, thus, killing him. The
chemical compound can be lethal in concentrated doses.
The gynaecologist and the baby’s grandfather have since then been
placed under criminal detention by the police in Chongming. Further
investigation on the case is underway.
In May, a baby born was found alive after being buried for eight days
in Guangxi. The newborn had reportedly been abandoned in the wilderness
by his family because he was also born with a cleft lip.

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