Barracks in Siberia collapsed & kills 23 soldiers in Russia


The destroyed training facility for Russian paratroopers in the village of Svetly, near Omsk. Photo / AFP
The ceiling of a Russian military barracks collapsed in Siberia
Monday, causing four stories to crumble and killing 23 young men trapped
Rescuers searched for hours for victims trapped under
the debris of an airborne troops training center in Omsk following the
collapse that occurred in the early hours of the morning.
people were injured. Authorities sent 10 gravely injured victims to
Moscow for treatment while the Kremlin offered condolences to the
families of the deceased.
The defense ministry would not
speculate on the cause of the accident but the footage and video from
the scene showed an entire section of the building lying in ruins.
Ministry spokesman Gen.-Maj. Igor Konashenkov said the building was
renovated in 2013 but he insisted that could not have caused the

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