Amazing photo of Fukushima mutant daisies lights up the internet – #Twitter



mutant daises were found near the Fukushima nuclear plant that went
into meltdown in 2011 after a tsunami hit . Photo / @Sain_Kaidu /

It will surprise no one but mutant daisies with two connected flowers
and four stems have been found growing near the Fukushima nuclear plant
in Japan.
Four years after the tragic disaster saw the meltdown
of six nuclear reactors at the plant following a tsunami, the area is
still being affected by radiation that came after the tragedy.
The mutated plants were captured by the Japanese Twitter user @Sain_Kaidu who lives in the city of Nasushiobara, about 110 km from the nuclear plant.
as fasciation (or cresting) the hormonal imbalance in vascular plants
is a rare condition causing plants to increase in weight and volume.
sprouting of abnormal flowers at the site of Fukushima however is not a
shock with deformed fruit growing within the area as well.

So it is no surprise that the abnormal flowers have started
growing in Fukushima but they can occur anywhere. The condition is also
one without treatment.
Translated by The International Business
Times, the tweeter’s post read: “The right one grew up, (and) split into
2 stems to have 2 flowers connected (to) each other, having 4 stems of
flower tied belt-like.”

Critics reacted to the images on social media claiming them to be a scam when in fact the condition is real.
Since the tragic disaster in 2011 the area of Fukushima has since been evacuated.

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