Youtube Video:VICE News correspondent Kaj Larsen, on War Against Boko Haram


This is an amazing video about the bravery of the Nigerian soldiers who fought terrorist group that has killed thousands of lives and destruction of properties. If you’re really interested to see and know how the war has been, then you need to watch these videos. You have
never seen anything like this before. We mostly heard of the destruction
Boko Haram brought upon us, we didn’t hear much about what our
Nigerians troops did to fight and flush them out. These videos are deep.
VICE correspondent Kaj Larsen, the only journalist on the
front-lines shows us inside the war with Boko Haram. Please watch the
videos and be amazed by our soldiers. They defended
with their lives. Kudos to our troops and thanks to this
fearless reporter…. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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