Woman narrates how she was recklessly headbutted by policeman in Lagos


Ladie Bello (left) shared her story on Instagram
with a picture of the policeman she alleged attacked her (right). Her
story below (I found a bit of it funny tho. The part about her carrying a
wheel spanner
‘This policeman’s name is Kasimu Abdullahi. He was
deflating my tyre & because I pushed him away from my car, he
headbutted me. The incident happened at NNPC filling station on Kingsway

road, Ikoyi. There was a short queue & I joined the queue just after
the exit gate. I saw this fool waving his arms & rolled down to
speak to him, but he walked past my car & was talking to the bus
driver behind me & then I heard my tyre hissing. He was deflating
it, so I got down to challenge him, he ignored me so I pushed him. As
soon as he straightened up he head butted me & said he will have
killed me if not that I was a woman. To defend myself I picked my wheel

But when his colleagues came he changed the story to: he was
defending himself… From someone he head butted? I would not let this
die because people die from being assaulted by the police & they
feel because they wear uniforms they can play God. Well guess what?!
Kasimu Abdullahi… I was brought up by a military person & I will
not rest until I get a public apology from you; in your uniform.  I have
to see a dentist tomorrow
because my teeth hurt, my upper lip is swollen & you think you will
go free… You have messed with the wrong girl #policebrutality
#policeplayinggod #kasimuabdullahi #fillingstationdrama cc 

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