Unfortunately, Rapper DMX accused of armed robbery


A 21 year old Newark man, whose identity is being kept out of the press
by the police, filed a police report in Newark New Jersey on Sunday
Morning April 5th, claiming rapper DMX and his entourage robbed him just
after midnight on Sunday morning at a gas station.

The man claimed
he recognized DMX at a filling station on Highway 21, walked up to him
struck up a conversation with him about music. He said while talking
with the rapper, a person in his entourage pulled a gun on him and
demanded money. The man claims he pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket
– about $3,200, which
DMX snatched before escaping in a caravan of Caddilac Escalades.

The man said he followed the vehicles for a while and was able to
provide a license plate tag number for one of the vehicles to the
police. The case is under investigation. Hopefully, he mistook the thief
for DMX

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