Sikh Temple in India feeds 10,000 people everyday for free (Photos)

A also called Golden Temple, in Amritsar-, recently caught the attention of the world.
temple feeds 10,000 people everyday irrespective of race or religion.
This practice is based on Sikh teachings that encourage equality and
oneness is the langar.
The langar is a free
community kitchen where food is served to everyone, without considering
their race, social status or religious inclination.
Pilgrims say the Langar never closes. It is open day or night.
ideology was formed by a Sikh guru who lived in Indian 500 years ago.
Worshippers say he suggested that a place should be created for
everybody, no matter their religion or social status, to come and eat
food whenever they wanted to.
Sikh faithfuls say the Sikh faith was born after Guru Nanak, the first Sikh guru, came back from a trance after three days saying: “there is no Hindu, and there is no Musalman [Muslim].”
The core belief of every sikh faithful is that all are equal before God.

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