Reckless prisoner killed serial cannibal killer, Jeffrey Dahmer


is one of the world’s worst serial killers and sex
offenders. He committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 men and
boys between 1978 and 1991. His later murders involved cannibalism and
sex acts on corpses. He was killed in prison in 1994 by another inmate
Christopher Scarver (right), who is now speaking out about the killing
for the first time in 21 years.

Scarver, who was sent to prison for killing his boss during a robbery in
1990 said he hated Dahmer when they were both serving time at the
Columbia Correctional Institution because he never showed remorse for
what he did and instead spent his time taunting other criminals over his
sick crimes.

 Scarver told the New York Post:

“He crossed the line
with some people – prisoners, prison staff. Some people who are in
prison are repentant, but he was not one of them. I saw heated
interactions between him and other prisoners from time to time. I never
interacted with him.”

He said that changed on November 28, 1994, when Dahmer and another prison inmate Jesse
Anderson began taunting him while carrying out cleaning chores in a bathroom. He said he cracked.

“I turned around, and Dahmer and Jesse were kind of laughing under their breath,” Scarver said.

He said he decided then to confront Dahmer. He pulled a newspaper
clipping out of his pocket which told of Dahmer’s horrific crimes.

“I asked him if he did those things because I was fiercely disgusted.
He was shocked. He started looking for the door pretty quick. I blocked

He said he used a metal bar which he took from the prison’s weight room,
and hit it on Dahmer’s head twice, crushing his skull. He also killed
Jesse Anderson with the same metal bar.

Scarver said everyone in prison at the time knew how much he hated
Dahmer and suspects prison staff left him alone with Dahmer because they
were hoping he would kill him.

Scarver was put in solitary confinement for 16 years for the killings. He’s serving three life terms.

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