Press statement of PDP reacting to threat by Oba of Lagos, says anarchy looms


Statement from the , reacting to the audio we all just heard. Read below…

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) condemns in the
strongest possible terms the emerging height of political recklessness
in and Ekiti states ahead of Saturday’s governorship and House of
Assembly elections and calls on all Nigerians to stand up against such
anti-democratic tendencies.

The senseless and unpatriotic
impeachment move against Governor Ayo Fayose by out-going APC state
legislators and the barbaric death threats on non-indigenes in Lagos by
the Oba of Lagos, if they vote for the PDP candidate,
Mr. Jimi Agbaje ascend to a height of unruliness that should not be

The PDP totally and unequivocally rejects the
flimsy and unsubstantiated allegations concocted by the APC legislators
against Governor Fayose. We state in very clear terms that we will stand
with him and bear our full weight in defense of the mandate freely
given to him by the people of Ekiti state.
We invite all lovers
of democracy and the international community to note the antics of APC
and the deliberate plot to destabilize the polity even when it is yet to
assume power.

In the same vein, it is indeed most unfortunate
that a royal father of the status of the Oba of Lagos should attempt to
drag the revered traditional institution into partisan politics to the
level of threatening innocent Nigerians with the view to prevent them
from freely exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right.

Our response to the Oba of Lagos is that he cannot play God and can
never be God. God owns the universe and every part of it and can never
share His glory with any human no matter how highly placed. We
therefore call on all Nigerians in Lagos state; all Igbos, Hausas,
Yorubas and people of other tribes; all northerners and southerners; all
Christians and Muslims to turn against this unpatriotic stance, by
coming out enmasse to vote for the PDP candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje on

Undoubtedly, this anti- position reminds of the
2013 inhuman and callous arrest, detention and eventual ‘deportation’ of
non-indigenes by the APC-led government of Lagos state and confirms
fears that the APC is indeed on a mission to destroy our national unity,
balkanize the nation and obliterate the personal freedom Nigerians
enjoy today.

Already, the APC has started terrorizing supporters
of the PDP with vows to make life unbearable for them when it eventually
assumes power. Our investigation reveals that many of our prominent
supporters have been marked. The process has already started with
threats to the life, family and business of the Chairman of the
Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah for
supporting PDP candidates and helping non-indigenes win some Lagos seats
in the National Assembly on the platform of the our great party.

Indeed, if this threats on a duly elected state governor and innocent
Nigerians constitute the picture or foretaste of the order of the day
when the APC finally assumes power at the center, then the nation is in
serious danger. However, the PDP states in very unambiguous terms that
Nigerians would not accept such under any guise whatsoever.

is more so because in the last 16 years, our citizens from all walks of
lives have seen civility and decorum under the PDP-led administration
and would not accept any attempt by anybody to institute a reign of
terror in the country.

We therefore urge General Muhammadu Buhari
as the leader of the APC to call his members and supporters,
particularly in Lagos and Ekiti to order; especially bearing in mind
that it was the peaceful atmosphere and the level playing ground
nurtured by the PDP-led administration that created the room for his
emergence at the presidential polls.

Our country cannot at this
moment afford to slide into anarchy, reign of terror and deliberate
schemes to divide the people for selfish political reasons.

PDP will completely resist all anti democratic forces from any
quarters. We therefore charge Nigerians, especially those in Lagos and
Ekiti states respectively to stand up fearlessly and reject the
unpatriotic stance of the Oba of Lagos and the undemocratic move to
dismantle the mandate given to Governor Ayo Fayose by the people.

Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary

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