President Goodluck Jonathan is one of the luckiest Nigerians alive


President Jonathan says he is one of the luckiest Nigerians alive, that
he is yet to see any Nigerian who is as lucky as himself. He said this
while receiving residents of the federal capital territory (FCT), led by
, in Aso Rock today April 5th.

“For me as an individual, this
Easter coincides with the time I am leaving but I always say that I am
one of the luckiest Nigerians. I am yet to see somebody luckier than me.

From 1999, I was in the hands of government for 16 years. Not just in
government as a parliamentarian because if you are a senator or House of
Representatives member, you take care of yourself, you live in your own
house. I was in a cage, being taken care of by the government for 16
good years. I think it is enough and I am happy. Help me to thank God
for that and I will continue to thank Nigerians for giving me that
privilege. Wherever I will be, I will remain grateful to this great
country.” he said

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