New power-sharing plan offered by UN’s Libya envoy


The envoy to , Bernardino Leon, has
issued a deadline to the country’s warring sides to respond to his
latest plan for a power-sharing agreement, diplomats say.

stated in a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday that
he was “hopeful” a deal could be reached, according to diplomats who
attended the meeting.
The unnamed diplomats said Leon further
asserted that he had distributed a draft agreement to the parties to the
Libyan conflict two days ago and that the respective delegations were
reviewing it with an understanding that they should offer a response by
next Sunday.

UN special representative and head of the United
Nations Support Mission in Libya, Bernardino Leon, gestures during a
press conference in the Algerian capital, Algiers, on March 11, 2015.

Since January, the United Nations has been making
efforts to broker a deal on the establishment of a national unity
government in the war-ravaged North African nation.
Libya has two
rival camps vying for the control of the country, with one governing the
capital Tripoli and the other, which is the internationally-recognized
government, controlling the eastern cities of Bayda and Tobruk. The
Libyan internationally-recognized parliament, the House of
Representatives, is based in Tobruk.
Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn)
militiamen took over Tripoli in the summer of 2014. They set up their
own government and reinstated the General National Congress (GNC), which
had been dissolved earlier.
Several rounds of peace talks
brokered by the UN in recent months have failed to deliver any practical
results that could lead to formation of a unity government.
plunged into chaos following the 2011 uprising against the dictatorship
of Muammar Gaddafi, whose ouster gave rise to a patchwork of
heavily-armed militia groups and deep political divisions.

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