Kylie Jenner Twitter challenge: On Social Media, Bizarre lip suction for pouty lips



pout: #Kyliejennerchallenge became a trending topic on Twitter today
with users taking to to show off the results. Photo / Getty

Since the beginning of time women have been emphasising their lips –
from Cleopatra and her crushed beetle formula, to modern day lip filler
solutions – the methods are increasingly mad, bad and sometimes
The trend for fuller lips has picked up pace lately
with stars such as , who recently revealed it takes 40
minutes to makeover her lips, leading the way with supersized lips.
But the quest for the perfect pout has turned even more bizarre with a new trend in suction devices.
The premise behind the device is a sucking action that causes lips to swell in size.
became a trending topic on Twitter today with users taking to social
media to show off the results of their attempt to supersize their pout.

videos showing the effects of the devices are storming social media
with thousands of images and videos uploaded to Instagram and Twitter.
the device does not come without some risks; the most common of these
is cupping marks/hickeys and even bruising appearing around the lips.

versions of the device are available by Candy Lipz and Fullips – but
come with words of warning for users with the possibility of ‘cupping
marks’ and ‘bruising’ appearing.

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