Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, who wears whatever he likes,tweeted about shopping for girl’s clothes


’s 16 year old rapper/actor son, , who wears whatever he likes, went shopping for female clothes and tweeted about it. He was later seen out and about in LA yesterday wearing a
black woman’s dress over a pair of distressed denim shorts. See what he
posted on instagram and people’s reaction after the cut…

Some people went in on Jaden

But a gay man who sometimes experiments with female clothes wrote this below in support of Jaden.

If women can wear jeans and t-shirts meant for men and no one bats an
eye, men should be able to wear whatever tops and bottoms they want as
well. Gender norms and the fear that if everyone does not respect and
place masculinity on a pedestal the world will fall apart is just old,
tired, and sexist.

And as Jaden pointed out in the post above, women’s clothes are just
clothes. Why does a piece of cloth that covers your body need a gender?

Words of wisdom to the men reading this: clothes from the women’s
section are cheaper, you’re much less likely to see another guy wearing
them, and there is so much more variety! If you have never gotten a top
from the women’s section, you’re missing out!

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