How Dame Abimbola Fashola met Governor Babatunde Fashola at 27

April 6, 2015 4:47 pm

says she met her husband, the Governor of
state, Babatunde Fashola at a party after his father introduced
her to him. She shared their love story with City People mag…

met my husband at age 27. That was at my best friend’s engagement then.
I was serving and making sure everyone was okay and well taken care of,
attending to people and all that. And then his father saw me and then
said “I have a son and I will like you to meet my son. So I said no
problem sir. He said good. My son will soon come in. When he came, we
introduced ourselves. We met. We exchanged our numbers and that was it.
We took it off from there. He was cool, he looked cool-headed. He was
friendly. He had no airs about him. He was a simple fellow. He was
already working then as a lawyer. He was at Sofunde, Belgore & Co. He
clicked with my sisters too. He was always going to parties with them.
He was bubbling with them. I didn’t use to go to parties with them.
Since my sisters accepted him, I had no choice but to accept him” she said

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