Muhammadu Buhari

General Muhammadu Buhari Elected As Nigeria’s President from APC

The 72-year-old Buhari built an early lead in northern state [AP]

military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has become the first Nigerian to defeat
a sitting president through the ballot box, putting him in charge of
’s most populous nation and its biggest economy.
  was declared the winner after he gained 2.7 million more votes
than his rival, incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.Buhari managed to secure more than 25 percent of votes in 24 states, ruling out a run-off vote.

To win the election, Buhari had needed more than 50 percent of the
total votes nationally – and take at least 25 percent of the vote in two
thirds of the states.
Jonathan has publicly conceded defeat and conveyed his “best wishes” to the president-elect.
He urged his supporters to follow “due process” in channeling their frustrations at losing the election amid fear of violence.
“Nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian,” he said in a
statement issued after his election defeat. “The unity, stability and
progress of our dear country is more important than anything else.”
The All Progressives Congress () party earlier said
that Buhari had received a phone call from incumbent Jonathan during
which he immediately conceded defeat and congratulated him on his
“There had always been this fear that he might not want to concede,
but he will remain a hero for this move. The tension will go down
dramatically,” Lai Mohammed, spokesman for the APC, said.
Victory for Buhari marks the first time in ’s history that an
opposition party has democratically taken control of the country from
the ruling party.
Goodluck Jonathan phoned former military leader Muhammadu Buhari on
Tuesday to concede defeat in Nigeria’s presidential elections, Buhari’s
party says.

Jonathan acknowledged the phone call and his defeat in a written statement to his countrymen.
thank all Nigerians once again for the great opportunity I was given to
lead this country and assure you that I will continue to do my best at
the helm of national affairs until the end of my tenure,” he said.
Independent National Electoral Commission is still announcing the final
tally in the polls, but early numbers indicate Buhari, now the
President-elect, has an overwhelming majority of votes.
Buhari ruled Nigeria from late 1983 until August 1985 after ousting his predecessor in a coup.

Come May 29, 2015, Nigeria will have a new president in the person of
Gen. Mohammed Buhari. INEC chairman Prof. Jega just declared him winner
of the 2015 presidential election having certified the requirements of
the law and scored the highest number of votes in the election. Congrats
Nigeria for a peaceful 2015 election. God bless President Jonathan for
conceding. God bless Nigeria!

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has congratulated General Muhammadu Buhari on his
victory. In a
message released this evening, Chief Obasanjo asked the
President-in-waiting to be magnanimous in victory and also fight
corruption when he
assumes office.

“With so much harm already done to many national
including the military, which proudly nurtured you and me, you will have
a lot to do on institution reform – education, healthcare, economy,
security, infrastructure, power, youth employment, agri-business, oil
and gas, external affairs, cohesiveness of our nation and ridding our
land of corruption.
Your varied and wide experience will undoubtedly
stand you in good stead. is blessed with men and women of goodwill,
character and virtue across
the board that you can mobilise to join hands with you in the reform,
repairs and re-direction that will be imperative to put Nigeria back on
the fast lane of good governance, unity, cohesiveness, development and
progress. For me, the totality of 2015 elections hold many lessons for
our democracy and democratisation process, which are both maturing. On
this occasion, the system has been unnecessarily overheated
before and particularly during the campaigns when emphasis was more on
trivialities and hate, divisive, undignifying and disrespectful
statements and comments rather than on pressing issues requiring
attention. I know that in victory, you will be magnanimous to start
binding the
wounds and bitterness occasioned by the campaign and the evil disciples
” the statement read.

National leader of APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has described the victory of
the Presidential candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, as
Nigeria’s finest moment in its political history.

“It is a moment when hope is re-born, faith is rekindled and a fresh
fire of patriotism is released for the task ahead. I congratulate
General Buhari, Nigeria’s President-elect, on his hard won victory. I
salute our gallant party leaders and members for running the long
distance to victory. To millions of Nigerians, I say this – the APC
seeks not power for its sake, but for the purpose of bringing a better
life to our people and re-building our country.
“This is also democracy’ s finest moment. Nigerians alive today have
witnessed the beginning of an era of change . They made this happen and
they are the true celebrants and they are deserving. Together, we share
this victory.Side by side we would work together to bring our country

Bola Ahmed Tinubu said.

Official statement by president Jonathan after the announcement of the results of presidential election

Fellow Nigerians,
I thank you all for turning out
en-masse for the March 28 General Elections. I promised the country free and
fair elections. I have kept my word. I have also expanded the space for
Nigerians to participate in the democratic process. That is one legacy I will
like to see endure.

Although some people have
expressed mixed feelings about the results announced by the Independent
National Electoral Commission (INEC), I urge those who may feel aggrieved to follow
due process based on our constitution and our electoral laws, in seeking

As I have always affirmed, nobody’s
ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. The unity, stability and progress
of our dear country is more important than anything else.

I congratulate all Nigerians for
successfully going through the process of the March 28th General
Elections with the commendable enthusiasm and commitment that was demonstrated

I also commend the Security
Services for their role in ensuring that the elections were mostly peaceful and

To my colleagues in the PDP, I
thank you for your support. Today, the
PDP should be celebrating rather than mourning. We have established a legacy of democratic freedom, transparency,
economic growth and free and fair elections.

For the past 16 years, we have
steered the country away from ethnic and regional politics. We created a
Pan-Nigerian political party and brought home to our people the realities of
economic development and social transformation.

Through patriotism and diligence,
we have built the biggest and most patriotic party in Nigerian history. We must
stand together as a party and look to the future with renewed optimism.

I thank all Nigerians once again for
the great opportunity I was given to lead this country and assure you that I
will continue to do my best at the helm of national affairs until the end of my

I have conveyed my personal best
wishes to General Muhammadu Buhari.

May God Almighty continue to bless
the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I thank you all. 

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR


Federal Republic of Nigeria

March 31, 2015

The former Vice President wrote a congratulatory message to Buhari which he shared on Facebook. See it below…

hearty congratulations to His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari, for
being elected the next president of our beloved county, Nigeria. You
have led our party, the All Progressives Congress to an unprecedented
victory within two years of it’s official formation, and in so doing,
written the most important chapter of our democracy.

The great Nnamdi Azikiwe once wrote that “history will continue to
vindicate the just”. Your victory in the polls, with votes from across
the length and breadth of our country, bears witness to the acceptance
of not just our party, the APC, but also your ideology of justice, fair
play and zero tolerance for corruption as the bedrock for national

At this historic moment, it is most important to say a
hearty thank you to every Nigerian who voted for the APC. Your votes
have not just elected the first opposition party into federal power, but
has also set a precedent which will have positive implications for
democracy across Africa.

Dear GMB, the journey has just begun.
Millions of Nigerians have put their trust in you, because they were not
satisfied with the status quo. You represent the hope of a new
generation of Nigerians, and you cannot afford to fail them. Our party
has made a promise of change to our young people, to secure and rebuild
our country, create jobs and opportunity, and improve citizens’
welfare. We will stand behind you to ensure we keep those promises, just
like we did during these elections.

Our country needs a new
direction. We have voted for you, and our party won the election, but
when you assume our highest office, you must become the president of not
just the APC, but all of Nigeria, including the people who did not vote
for you. We look up to you to heal the fractures of our country, and
truly unite this country like never before.

To President
Jonathan, I want to specially thank you for conducting a historic
election. Your party may have lost the elections, but you have won the
admiration of the world by not interfering with the wishes of Nigerians.
History will be kind to you.

It is my sincere hope that we will all come together as one country, to build the Nigeria of our dreams.
God bless Nigeria.

Speech given by President -elect, General Buhari after he was declared winner of the 2015 elections

Your Excellency, the Vice President elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, your
Excellency, Chief Rotimi Amaechi, the Director General of APC
Presidential Campaign, 2015, your Excellency, the former Governor of Edo
State and National Chairman of our great party, your Excellency the
Governor Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, your Excellency, the former
Governor of Imo State, Dr Ogbonaya Onu, Your Excellency, the former
Governor of Ekiti State, Engineer Oni, your Excellency the former
Governor of Kwara, Bokola Saraki, your Excellency, the Speaker of the
House of Representative, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal, Please, let me stand
on existing protocol.

At exactly 5:15 yesterday (Tuesday) evening, President Jonathan called
to congratulate me on my victory.

For this, I want all Nigerians to join me in congratulating and
appreciating Mr President for his statesmanship.

President Jonathan was a worthy opponent. I extend my hand of fellowship
to him.

I look forward to meeting him soon, as we plan the transition from one
administration to another.

He will receive nothing but cooperation and understanding from me, who
led this nation to democracy.

You stood in line patiently for hours; in the rain, in the sun and then
in the dark to cast your votes. Even when the vote was extended to
Sunday in some places, you still performed your civic duties.

You did so peacefully.

You voted with your heart. Your vote affirms that you believe Nigeria’s
future can be better than what it is today.

You voted for change and now change has come.

INEC has released the official result of the Presidential Election. INEC
has declared that I gained the most votes with the required spread and
won this election.

In a more profound way, it is you, Nigerians that have won.

The people have shown their love for our nation and their believe in

The declaration of INEC accurately reflects the will of the people.

While there might have been some logistical obstacles and irregularities
associated with the exercise, the result shall stand as what the people

I thank all Nigerians who have made this day possible, our country has
now joined the community of nations that have used the ballot box to
physically change an incumbent president in a free and fair election

To me, this is indeed historic.

Most people will welcome the result because it is the one they voted
for. Others will literarily be disappointed. I ask that we all be
circumspect, respectful and peaceful in these times. This was a
hard-fought contest. Emotions were high.

We must not allow them to get the better of us.

This is not the time for confrontation. This is a moment that we must
begin to heal the wounds and work toward a better future.

We do this first by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation
across the political divide. We hope and pray our friends in other
parties reciprocate.

I thank all the members of the All Progressives Congress, the APC, for
their commitment and their hard work through the formation of the party,
the campaigns and the presidential elections.

Let me equally express my appreciation to the media, civil society and
security agencies for their selfless service.

The international press and our friends abroad deserve a fair
commendation for their support throughout the process.

We promise a robust and dynamic engagement with your countries in
matters of mutual interest.

In the interim, I call on all Nigerians to be law abiding and peaceful.

The eyes of the world were focused on us to see if we can vote in a
peaceful way and carry out elections in an orderly manner.

We have proven to the world that we are a people who have embraced
democracy and a people who seek a government by, for and for the people.

We have put one party state behind us. We have voted for a government that will serve and govern, but will never rule over you.

CHANGE has come and a new day and a new Nigeria is upon us.

The victory is yours and the glory is that of our nation, NIGERIA.

I will make a more formal address to the nation, later in the afternoon after I receive the certificate of return from the INEC.

May God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigeria’s President Elect
Muhammadu Buhari

 Residents celebrate the anticipated victory of Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari in Kaduna, Nigeria 31 March 2015Supporters of Muhammadu Buhari celebrated as the results came in 

Former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has become the first opposition candidate to win a presidential election in Nigeria.

Gen Buhari beat incumbent Goodluck Jonathan by more than 2.5 million votes, final results showed.
Mr Jonathan telephoned his rival to concede defeat. Gen Buhari’s supporters took to the streets to celebrate.
Observers have generally praised the election, though there have been allegations of fraud.
Election results as they happened
“I promised the country free and fair elections. I have kept my word,” Mr Jonathan said in a statement.
said he had conveyed his “best wishes” to Mr Buhari, and urged “those
who may feel aggrieved to follow due process… in seeking redress”.


spokesman for Gen Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) party
praised Mr Jonathan, saying: “He will remain a hero for this move. The
tension will go down dramatically.”
Gen Buhari’s supporters have
celebrated by dancing and singing in the streets in APC strongholds,
including the northern cities of Kano and Kaduna.

Supporters of the presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressive Congress (APC) party celebrate in Kano, 31 March 2015

Gen Buhari’s supporters took to the streets in APC strongholds such as Kano and Kaduna

Nigeria’s electoral commission
officially declared the 72-year-old general the winner of the
presidential election early on Wednesday morning.The APC won 15,424,921 votes and Mr Jonathan’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gained 12,853,162 votes.
File photo: Goodluck Jonathan (left) and Muhammadu Buhari shake hands after signing a peace deal agreeing to respect the outcome of the polls

Goodluck Jonathan (left) and Muhammadu Buhari agreed last week to respect the outcome of the polls

Gen Buhari’s victory is a
hugely significant moment in Nigeria’s turbulent history. Never before
has a sitting president been defeated in an election. Since
independence from Britain in 1960, there have been numerous coups and
most elections have been rigged. Of course in a close election there
will be many voters who are not pleased with this outcome but the whole
process is a sign that democracy is deepening in Nigeria.
The poll
has once again brought to the surface dangerous religious and regional
differences and there is still a threat of violence.
The man
who has been voted out, Goodluck Jonathan, has played a huge part today
in trying to prevent that. He made the phone call when there would no
doubt have been some in his camp who would have preferred to dig their
heels in.
The APC issued a statement after the result was announced, calling
for “calm, sober celebrations” and warning supporters not to attack
“He or she is not with me, whoever does that,” the president-elect said.
He is due to give a speech later on Wednesday.
former military ruler dominated the country’s north-western states,
which have suffered most from attacks by Islamist militant group Boko
In Borno state, one of the worst-affected by Islamist violence, Gen Buhari won 94% of the vote.


It is the fourth time that Gen Buhari, 72, has sought the presidency.
He ruled Nigeria from January 1984 until August 1985, taking charge after a military coup in December 1983.
Mr Jonathan had led Nigeria since 2010, initially as acting leader before winning elections in 2011.
has suffered from several attacks by the Islamist militant group Boko
Haram, which has killed thousands of people in its drive to establish an
Islamic state.
Many voters have said that they believe Gen Buhari is better positioned to defeat Boko Haram.
The verdict on Mr Buhari’s 20 months as military ruler is mixed.
European Union’s top diplomat, Federica Mogherini, congratulated Gen
Buhari on his victory, saying she “looked forward to working with” him.
Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari in focus:

  • Aged 72
  • Muslim from northern Nigeria
  • Elected president in 28 March poll
  • Military ruler of Nigeria from 1984 to 1985
  • Deposed in a coup
  • Poor human rights record
  • Seen as incorruptible
  • Disciplinarian – civil servants late for work had to do frog jumps
  • Survived an apparent Boko Haram assassination attempt

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