Gaston Pinsard, 96-year-old paedophile oldest prisoner



was sentenced to 18 months behind bars after he admitted
carrying out the assaults more than 50 years ago. Photo / Guernsey
Police, Daily Mail

A 96-year-old paedophile became Britain’s oldest prisoner after he was jailed for the historic sexual abuse of two young girls.
Gaston Pinsard was sentenced to 18 months behind bars after he admitted carrying out the assaults more than 50 years ago.
96-year-old, who claimed he was himself abused at a notorious Jersey
children’s home, first targeted his victims when they were just
A judge branded the historic case “distressing” and “unpleasant” as he jailed the frail father-of-four.
Guernsey’s Royal Court heard that Pinsard was born in
1919 and claimed he had endured years sexual abuse at the Haut de la
Garenne children’s home.

The Jersey home came under intense
scrutiny in 2008 after police took statements from 192 alleged victims
of historic child abuse.

Pinsard joined the army after leaving Haut de La Garenne,
where he realised his sexual outlook and experiences were different to
other peoples.
The court heard he later indecently assaulted the two young girls through curiosity and naivety.
abuse began in 1951, and the court was told the victims did not report
what was happening because they were too young to understand what was
happening and that they trusted Mr Pinsard.
He was first
questioned by Guernsey Police officers last year and immediately
confessed to carrying out the abuse over a nine year period.
court heard how Pinsard touched the first girl on numerous occasions
between 1951 and 1955, and the second between 1964 and 1969 at his home
in St Sampson, Guernsey.
In a statement read out in court Mr Pinsard
admitted he felt ashamed and knew at the time what he was doing was
wrong but he could not control it.
Pinsard was married with four
children at the time of the offences, which took place over a period of
nine years and only stopped when he decided to “stop his filthy habit”.
He explained to the court how he ‘didn’t want to hurt any children’.
His wife has now passed away, but Pinsard was accompanied to court by his son.
At an earlier hearing the defendant, who uses a hearing aid, admitted nine charges of indecent assault.
defence asked the court to exercise extreme caution, suggesting it
would be difficult for the prison to accommodate his needs and
In sentencing, Judge Russell Finch acknowledged it
was “a difficult situation” and took his age and health into account,
stating that a younger man would have received between seven and nine
Accounting for the risk of the defendant becoming ill and
dying in Prison, Mr Finch sentenced Pinsard to two 18-month sentences in
Les Nicolles prison, which will run concurrently.
The Prison Officers Association have said they believed Pinsard is the oldest serving prisoner in the British Isles.

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