#dollgate – Reason for UK election campaign of Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon is suddenly in crisis


First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon on
the election trail. Watch out, little girl, she’ll be after your
Barbies. Photo / Getty Images

Nicola Sturgeon’s younger sister has spilled details about the SNP
leader’s childhood, exposing some troubling information that many think
will destroy her party’s campaign.
Of course, we’re talking about
#dollgate, the Twitter trend that started after the publication of
story in The Sun about Sturgeon’s childhood escapades.
damning leak had previously been reported by the BBC, in an interview
where Gillian Owens, Sturgeon’s younger sister, said: “She used to tease
me quite a bit, and she used to cut the hair off my Barbie dolls, but
apart from that she was a lovely sister.”
The unfortunate slip of
the tongue shows the hugely popular SNP leader in a very different
light, and could derail her campaign at a crucial point just 12 days
before the general election.

Naturally, it provoked quite a stir on social media – most prominently, with a strong denial from the SNP leader herself.

slip prompted an outburst from media commentators, including Mandy
Rhodes, editor of Scottish current affairs magazine Holyrood.

Condemnation from dolls across soon followed.

political elite were quick to exploit the weakness in the mighty SNP
campaign, with Scottish Labour deputy Kezia Dugdale calling for action.

However, words of support soon came in from sympathisers, keen to show solidarity with Sturgeon.

In a desperate swerve into damage-control mode, Sturgeon tried to make amends for her past mistakes.

were stoked – Sturgeon could well be pulling the strings of government
in a few weeks, and concerned citizens wondered what having such a
person in power could do to the .

The evidence began to build against Sturgeon as new details were uncovered.

now, as revelations emerge implicating other party leaders, the
election campaign looks set never to recover from today’s events.

could be the power broker after the election, but Labour leader Ed
Miliband has ruled out any coalition with her party – and with
developments like today’s, it’s easy to see why.

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