Christina Milian angrily tugs Karrine Steffan’s wig after she said she’ll never stop seeing Lil Wayne


I don’t understand how a woman will be comfortable sharing a man with
4/5 other women. Earlier this week, author and former video vixen
Karrine Steffans famously known as Superhead, who has been dating Lil
Wayne non-exclusively since 2007, gave an
interview to VladTV pledging her undying love for him. She said she’ll
never stop seeing , even when she’s in a relationship. That
anybody who wants to be with her must contend with the fact she will
continue to see and sleep with the rapper.

Well, that didn’t go down well with Weezy’s current main girl Christina
Milian. When a fan Tweeted Christina asking what she thought
about Karrine’s interview, Ms Millian pulled Karrine’s wig…lol.

Classic shade tactic. Score one for Christina. Watch Superhead’s interview below…it’s buzzing in the US

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