Buhari: ‘We feared President Goodluck Jonathan would not concede defeat’ – APC


The APC said when they found out they’d won the election, they feared
that would reject the result and invent a military
intervention to stop from being president but were surprised
when, not only did President Goodluck Jonathan concede defeat, but called General Muhammadu Buhari,  to
congratulate him. This was something the APC didn’t expect and would be
forever be grateful to President Goodluck Jonathan for…

The Director, Media and Publicity Directorate of the APC Presidential Campaign Organization, Mallam Garba Shehu, talked to Vanguard about APC’s surprise on GEJ’s phenomenal move…

“I can say that the President acted with grace. He surprised us because
we never expected that they would accept defeat. In fact, the sense
everyone had was that they probably had plan A, B, C or D. And in any
case, with the kind of thing that Mr. Orubebe did at the collation
center, you knew that even when the President had grace, given the
chance with the community of people around him, they could have
threatened this democracy.

 “Look, I have been involved in presidential campaigns about three or
four times in the past, the difference is that this is the most fearful
campaign that I have ever experienced. This is the most life threatening
campaign because we were dealing with opponents we thought would stop
at nothing because they were throwing everything into it.

So, we were not taking anything for granted. It affected our lives.
Would you see me in a night club? You couldn’t risk it because you
didn’t even know who was trailing you. And it came as a huge relief.

“Again, we were getting security reports from our own sources. Until the
President said ‘I concede’ and congratulated Buhari, we felt every
minute that something wrong would happen. There was a clear and
discernible threat to democracy as a system of government.

“Look, everyone felt concerned because, what if, God forbid, he
declared a coup? These scenarios had been laid before Nigerians. Mr.
Okupe, the Special Adviser to the President, was he not on Youtube,
recorded on video, saying that Buhari will never become President? What
do you take that for? It means that Buhari would win and they will take
it away from him.

“This careless talk, arrogant display of power, it had come from the
Villa. Many sources with linkages to power: Asari-Dokubo, Chief E.K.
Clark and all of them, were they not sounding words to the President?
They had said it that they would take away their part of the country
from if Buhari won.

“But for the President to have come and say ‘I accept defeat as the
leader of the country’; that had an effect of really calming things
down. And that’s why, whether they like it or not, President Jonathan
has written his name in gold in so far as this is concerned.”

Shehu said.

He then assured that the Buhari would not avenge the attacks on his
person by the allies of Jonathan, saying there was enough work to do
to meet the aspirations of Nigerians than pursuing mundane things.

Source: Vanguard

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