Bali Nine Ringleader : Executed Andrew Chan appealing and haunting letter to children around the world, warning them about the dangers of drugs


is one of the 8 people
executed in Indonesia two days ago. He was known as the 9
ringleader. Before he was executed by a firing squad, Andrew wrote
haunting letter to schoolchildren around the world where he revealed how
he became addicted to drugs at age 15 and warns teens not to follow his
footsteps. The letter was read out Chan himself from inside his Indonesian prison cell, as part of a documentary made available to schools. After introducing himself, the Australian said;

‘Now the reason why I’m writing you this
letter is to address you guys about the dangers of drugs and the effects
it can have on you and also others. To tell you
a little bit about my life story, I was once 15, 16 and it wasn’t too
long ago I was sitting in a class just like you guys.

‘I was an average kid and let me tell you that my teachers didn’t like me one bit and I was no teacher’s pet. But
to cut a long story short, I got mixed up with drugs at a pretty young
age and by the time I was 15 I was merged into the scene.’

‘Ive done things which I am not proud of
in my life and I’ve made some pretty stupid decisions. My life is a
perfect example of an absolute waste.

to elaborate the effects of where I am, I’ve missed weddings, I’ve
missed funerals and the simple presence of my own family.
‘The hurt and pain – I don’t just put it onto myself, but the pain I put on my family is agonising. A
simple touch such as a hug is not possible for a condemned man like me.
I have nothing but an iron bar to hug rather than to be embraced by
those I love and who I miss.’ 
you choose today will make what you become tomorrow. If you want to be a
thug and a big bad wolf, I’ll see you soon inside. But
for those that want to do something in life I’d like you guys to see
how important it is to put your head down and study hard. 
hope these words will penetrate in your minds and in your hearts and I
hope that most of you, if not all of you, will achieve more than I ever

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