Woman ties boyfriend to SUV Wagon and drags him until he dies

February 5, 2015 1:44 pm

 A 33 year old , of Ogema, Minnesota, has been charged with
murder after she admitted killing her boyfriend by tying him to a truck
and dragging him along a rural road.

Jessica pleaded guilty at the Becker County District Court, to
second-degree intentional murder for the death of her boyfriend,
41-year-old Richard Baity.

According to prosecutors, sheriff’s deputies found the body of Baity on
the road about 50 yards from his driveway, which is located on E. 370th
Street in Maple Grove Township. Police discovered a piece of rope around
his neck.
The rope around his neck and the piece of rope on Kilde’s van matched.

They also found skid marks on the road, leading back to Baity’s home.

Kilde told police that she and Baity had a disagreement at home that night, but it was nothing serious.

According to police, the two had been drinking alcohol and were smoking
methamphetamine in the home earlier in the day.

Kilde remains in jail pending her sentencing. Her criminal history
includes convictions for drunk driving, domestic assault and disorderly

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