Venezuela Calls for Diversifying its Economy as axes for future development

February 18, 2015 1:09 am

– The president of the Central Bank of
(BCV), , affirmed that the
diversification of the economy and the promotion of a more productive
and exporting matrix are axes for the future development of the country.

In declarations to journalist José Vicente Rangel, in his program José
Vicente Hoy, of the private channel Televen, Merentes specified that the
fall in the oil prices, among other causes, forced to apply this
politic, also necessary when facing an economic war imposed by the

Merentes highlighted that in the sphere of food they
are working to replace imports and to approach the producing companies
to the consumer.

The official condemned attacks of the
adversaries of the government who, with political ends, have devoted
themselves to the speculation, the hoarding and even managed to
paralyzed the production in states like Táchira and Mérida.

Regarding the participation of the private sector in the Venezuelan
economy, almost a 70 per cent, as he said, thought that despite the
irregularities detected, the current government has offered more
resources in foreign currencies and opportunities to work together for
the well-being of the country that any other administration.

With regard to the new exchange system, the president of the BCV added
that it is based on three markets, where it is maintained a preferential
dollar to 6,30 bolivars for prioritized sectors.

will apply that price in the case of imports of necessary food,
medicines, and to acquire the raw material, goods and inputs for the
agricultural sector and the national industry, he underlined.

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