US White House to Appeal Decision Against Obama Immigration Measures

February 18, 2015 1:11 am

Washington – The administration of President
Barack Obama promised today that it will appeal the courts decision of a
federal judge in the State of Texas, temporarily blocking the executive
actions of the President on immigration.

An official note from the White House defended such provisions
announced by the ruling last November, and noted that the Supreme Court
of Justice and the Congress established that federal officials can
establish priorities in the implementation of immigration laws.

Judge Andrew Hanen tries to stop these policies of Obama, which are
legal and have common sense, so the Justice Department will claim its
annulment before the Court of appeals for the Fifth District, based in
, .

Hanen decided to freeze the ruling
orders, intended to postpone the deportation of about five millions of
undocumented immigrants living in the , and granted time to
a coalition of 26 States of the Union to impose a demand aimed at
eliminating definitively such provisions.

The judge argued in a
memorandum attached at its disposal, that the legal remedy against the
Executive should proceed, because without a preliminary pause the
applicants would suffer irreparable harm in this case.

The first
of the orders of Obama, should be in force Wednesday, associated with a
program that protects from deportation young immigrants who came to the
United States when they were children and meet additional requirements.

Most of the program of the President, extending that protection to
parents of permanent residents and U.S. citizens who have lived in the
country for a few years would be current for March 19th.

Republicans have a majority in both houses of the US Congress and
subject to the approval of the budget of some 40 billion dollars from
the Department of Homeland Security, for the current fiscal year that
ends September 30 next, the Elimination of the migrant relief issued by

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