Unhappy 17 year old boy commits suicide, shares photos on instagram before jumping into river

February 18, 2015 4:40 pm

Seeing the smile on his face, you would think everything was fine with
him but that’s the smile of a young man about to end his life. He posted
the pic on the left on and wrote “I’m here” and on the pic on
the right, he wrote “Smile. You’ve lived”. ‘I’m here’ was him basically
telling his followers that he’d arrived at the destination of his
suicide. His final photo was a pic of his watch &he wrote “Time to
see if my watch is waterproof” A few minutes after posting the pics and
messages, he jumped from that rail you see in the pic into the
River. His body was found a few hours later.

His name was and he was from Detroit. He’d suffered
depression for many months which he openly talked about on instagram. He
talked about how some people can’t get out of depression no matter how
much they try. This happened in October 2014.

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