Unfortunately, Madonna Falls from the Stage at the Brit Awards

February 26, 2015 8:36 am

So last night at the Brit Awards, the U.K. equivalent of the Grammys,
56-year-old queen of pop shocked fans when she was horse
collared and yanked off a riser onto a stage feet below … all at the
hands of a backup dancer.

The singer was closing Wednesday’s ceremony in London with a performance
of her song “Living For Love.” wearing an Armani cape with her back to
the audience. The plan was for the backup dancer to dramatically pull
the cape off of her as she revealed a sparkly outfit.

But before the pull, Madonna was supposed to untie the cape strap around
her neck. It was tied too tight and before it could be undone the
backup dancer did his thing, pulling Madonna backwards neck first onto
the stage.

She took a minute though to collect herself and then went on performing.
It’s the first time in 20 years Madonna performed at the Brit Awards.

Madonna was performing her hit single “Living for Love” tonight at the
Brit Awards when she took a nasty fall backwards off the stage. The
Queen of Pop was walking up steps in precarious heels with her giant
black cape draped behind her, when she went flying.
The consummate professional, Madge dusted herself off, ignored the
pain, and finished the song. Perhaps fittingly, she was singing the line
“Not gonna stop, gonna carry on.”

“The ‘thump’ noise from her fall echoed throughout the arena, and
members of the audience could clearly hear the microphone hitting the
floor,” reports the Mirror.

We hope Madonna, 56, takes the tumble in stride: She performed the
song spectacularly at the recent Grammy Awards, and “Living for Love”
has topped the Billboard Dance Club Chart

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