Unfaithful Woman Sleeps With 3000 Men in 30 Yrs With Husband’s Approval

February 14, 2015 5:44 pm
A 63-year-old woman says she has slept with 3,000 men. The Lady, Marie
Calvert had only slept with one person until the age of 28. She then
radically changed her life after she and husband Barry decided to get
into the swinging scene more than 30 years ago, with the pair eventually
setting up a swingers’ club in London.

A swingers club is a club with often costly exclusive membership where
premium member are allowed to exchange wives and husbands for sex and

Marie told the Guardian:

 “Until the age of 28, I’d only been with him and we had a terrific
sex life, but one day he brought home a swingers’ magazine he’d picked
up from a workmate.

“He sort of joked we should try it; I told him not to be daft, and he never mentioned it again. 

“But I kept looking at the mag and imagining how fun it might be to
have two men fuck me at once and to sleep with other men, in fact as
many as i wanted. Eventually I told him we should give it a go.

She added:

“It’s not natural to stick with one sexual partner for 60 years. Life
is about experimenting and experiencing, and that’s what we do.”

“It was the night I slept with 14 men that I first started to try to
work out how many partners I’ve been with. The truth is, I’m not sure.
My conservative estimate is about 100 guys a year for more than three

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