UK students are seeking out ‘sugar daddies’ who can fund their degrees

February 5, 2015 3:18 pm

It see,s hundreds of students have reportedly signed up to a “dating” website
that enables students to meet people willing to fund their degrees and
lifestyles whilst at university.

Nearly 2,000 women students in the UK are said to be registered on,
which promises to match “sugar babies” with “sugar daddies”. Seeking
Arrangement boasts 3.6 million active members, with 2.6 million “sugar
babies” to 1 million “sugar daddies and mommas”.

According to the website, over a third of their total users are students.

statement from , founder of the service, reads: “Every
successful relationship is an arrangement between two parties.
business, partners sign business agreements that outline their
objectives and expectations. Likewise, romantic relationships can only
work if two people agree on what they expect and receive from each

The entrepreneur told student website The Tab: “Love is a concept made up by poor people.
a time when graduates are guaranteed debt rather than a well-paying
job, or even employment for that matter, Sugar Daddies are sought out
for opportunity and not just financial stability.”

He went on to
claim that “sugaring” would improve the prospects of men and women using
the service, perhaps even enabling them to find employment upon
Recent statistics showed that the cost to the UK of paying for student
debt will rise to billions of pounds per year over the next three

fees are likely to feature strongly during the general election
campaign. In January, Labour leader Ed Miliband hinted that his party
would bring forward a package to reduce fees.
New figures have
also revealed that a third of graduates are failing to find
graduate-level employment five years after leaving university. The
number in lower-level jobs has increased by 4 per cent since 2010 and,
at 34 per cent, is at its highest in more than a decade.

Reported amount of student ‘sugar babies’ sign ups in 2014:
1) University of Westminster: 180
2) University of Kent: 134
3) University of Cambridge: 127
4) University of Nottingham: 116
5) University of Exeter: 106
6) University of Leeds: 96
7) University of Manchester: 94
8) University of St. Andrews: 88
9) London School of Economics: 85
10) Queens University of Belfast: 84
11) Goldsmith University of London: 79
12) Glasgow Caledonian University: 76
13) University of Central Lancashire: 71
14) King’s College London: 70
15) Middlesex University: 68
16) University of Bristol: 67
17) University of Arts London: 57
18) University of Portsmouth: 54
19) University of Essex: 52
20) University of South Wales: 51

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