Trending 10 Tell Tale Signs of a Cheating Spouse

February 17, 2015 2:08 pm

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Recent studies show that cheating at some point in a is
pretty common. With such alarming indices, one may wonder if his/her
mate is cheating. If you have a “gut” feeling that something is going
on, chances are high that you could be correct. Here are the top ten
signs to look for that might mean your partner is cheating:

1. S/He takes the cell phone everywhere. Taking the phone everywhere,
including the bathroom, is a red flag. Doing so can help the cheating
partner hide text messages or make secret calls. If your partner is
attached at the hip to the cell phone there might be cause for alarm.
2. S/He always has a reason you cannot hang out or visit their living
space. Not being able to visit, announced or otherwise, could mean there
is something to hide. In the early stages of a relationship, this
boundary is expected. But as time progresses and the boundary remains
high, cheating might be the reason.

3. S/He no longer initiates or seems interested in sex. A sudden
decrease in interest in being intimate could mean that someone else is
satisfying your partner.

4. S/He falls off the map suddenly and frequently. You’re texting or
messaging and all of a sudden your partner falls off the map. When
asked, s/he does not give a clear or reasonable explanation.

5. Working late… a lot! Suddenly, when you ask to make plans the excuse
is always “I have to work late.” Perhaps the excuse is legitimate on
occasion, but when this excuse becomes habitual it could be a red flag
for cheating activities.

6. Always ready to run an errand. When a partner always volunteers to
run an errand or looks for insignificant reasons to get out of the
house, cheating could be the culprit.7. S/He gets upset if you touch
his/her phone. You pick up his phone to check the time or date and your
partner overreacts. This response could be an indication that there is
something in the phone to hide.

8. Sudden increased interest in appearance. A new wardrobe and a new
perfume or cologne could be signs on interest in someone else.

9. S/He keeps you a clandestine secret. S/he has met your friends but
not the reverse. Being kept a secret could be a sign that there is
something to hide from you.

10. S/He avoids contact with you on social media. You are not allowed to
follow him/her on Instagram or you cannot be his/her friend on Facebook
are big, red warning signs that your partner could have a secret

Indeed, accusations of cheating and infidelity are serious. These
are just a few things to look for that could possibly indicate fidelity.
With more than half of both genders engaging in cheating behaviors, the
likelihood that your intuition is right is pretty high.

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