February 13, 2015 4:15 pm

She is Famously known as . Currently contesting for Ebonyi
state House of Assembly, under PPA. PDP erroneously denied her Ticket,
but she is determined to make her people feel more of her impact.
Sincerely, she is a man in woman’s skin.
Her real name is Maria Ude Nwachi but pouplarly known asAfikpo
Chic. When I first had an encounter with this lady, it was on facebook.
We all were arguing under a post on facebook, soon I noticed her
consistency in arguing about what she believes in. She doesn’t munch her
words, she drops it as it is, in black and white. Then I said, here
comes one of those strong women in the Nigerian society, trust me at
that point I ddin’t know how influential this lady was.
As an inquisitive person, I quickly went through her pics saw that
her occupation was a cleaner in a luxury resort called Maria Island
Resort, Afikpo. But the comments on her wall from all indication points
out, she owns this luxury resort, then I became more interested in
writing and knowing more about her. I saw her dress styles and was
wondering if this chic is mad or does not have dress sense. But then I
realised human beings are different, not everyone follows the crowd.
People make their own statement and define who they are and her dressing
is probably her stamp of humility/craze…lol. She is a silent
mutimillionaire and run different businesses. She is a proud Igbo lady
who shows full support towards her community and Igbo people in general.
I have been waiting for the right opportunity to bring her to
everyone, who may not have heard or known about her. Just like the
Nigerian musician Flavour dressed in school Uniform and visited his
secondary school, Afikpo chic did exactly thesame. She paid her alma
mater a surprise visit and also as a means of giving back to her
society, a place where she was formed as a teenager. I felt it was the
perfect time for her to grace AquaVibes.

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