Teenage Boko Haram Escapee Reveals Angry BH Leader Shot 2 Commandants after Defeat (Video)

February 17, 2015 9:28 am

A 14-year-old Nigerian boy who was forcefully drafted by but
fortunately escaped later has revealed many of the sect’s dealings,
including the plan to establish base in other countries. In an interview
with Aljazeera, the boy from Kerenua, a town in Borno state, who was
simply identified as Alaji, said he was captured and forced to work for
the Islamist sect.

“I was abducted at gun point by two men on a motorcycle and taken to a
town occupied by the group. After a day, we moved to another town, then
another; that was how we kept on,” he said. “There were lots of us; I
saw hundreds of fighters. There were also
many captives, but all of us, including fighters,
were set in groups but not in one place within the camps. “There were
lots of women in the camps; they raped and abused them. Boys like me, we
run errands but everyone knew the repercussion for disobedience; they
enforced discipline.”

He stated that Boko Haram was not staying true to its so-called Islamic
agenda, as members of the sect abused women from time to time.

“They don’t let captives to mix freely; they’d kidnap women and abuse
them. This goes to show that the Jihad they claim to be waging was not
true,” he said. “Initially I was scared of them, but after I saw them
slaughter human beings right before me on many occasions, I stopped. “We
were selected based on our strengths. They gave the weaker ones gallons
of petrol to burn houses and buildings, the stronger ones bullets and
guns. Our responsibility to deliver this is to fight on the battle
fields during attacks.”

He said the sect had some losses in the hands of the military, but
conquered and used the same ammunition from the military to conquer more

 “The biggest loss by Boko Haram I witnessed was in Gamboru in the hands
of the military; the leader was so furious that he shot and killed two
commanders right before us. “The most frightening battle was the attack
on Baga, when the town was attacked. Initially, it was difficult to
break through. “The residents came after us. We retreated but we were
able to encircle the base of the multinational task force; there we
seized equipment and ammunition like tanks, motors and shell. “The
weapons seized were used to re-launch another offensive that destroyed
Baga. A lot of people died in battle, at least 200 Boko Haram fighters
and 2,000 were killed in Baga and Doronbaga.”

He revealed that Boko Haram was not made up of Nigerian fighters only,
but the sect had other fighters from other nations who want Boko Haram’s
campaign in their countries too.

“The fighters are from and other countries; some foreign
fighters insist that the campaign they wage in Nigeria be extended to
their countries. “At night, we see a convoy of cars that include
armoured tanks, then a green helicopter will arrive. Its passengers
would then meet the top commanders. “Whenever we see the aircraft arrive
then go, we know that the next day, a major attack would be launched.
People like us are not allowed to go near the leaders.”

He also suggested that the sect had spies across the northeast region who feed them intelligence, aiding their next attacks.

“The attack on Monguno was launched after intelligence was gathered by
spies there. I was ordered to carry two fighters on motorcycle to
Monguno. “We arrived at dawn. The first attack was on the military
barracks there. “When residents of Monguno were leaving, I seized the
opportunity and rode off with the motorcycle and head to Maiduguri where
I was taken to my parents whom I lost contact with since the day I was
taken. Everybody thought I was dead or I had formally joined the group.”

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