Staff are under suspicion after “genital selfies” were left on a Melbourne hospital worker’s phone

February 26, 2015 9:50 am

Staff are under suspicion after “genital selfies” were left on a hospital worker’s phone during a burglary.
apparently snap-happy offender entered a locked Royal Melbourne
Hospital staffroom during a recent night shift, opened a young female
employee’s locker and grabbed A$80 ($83).

Her mobile phone was also missing but had reappeared in her bag by the time she finished her shift.
Photo / ThinkstockIt contained a rude shock – genital photographs.

“When the person got home, on the phone were genital selfies
of the thief,” a female caller told an Australian radio station today.

The caller didn’t say whether the images depicted a male or female offender.
Mayor Robert Doyle, who is also chairman of Melbourne Health, said
today that the “very nasty” incident wasn’t a break-in and authorities
believed a staff member responsible.
The locker room was accessed via swipe-entry only, with cameras positioned outside, he said.
do have certain information that we have now passed to the police and
we are absolutely confident that we will get to the bottom of this,” Mr
Doyle said.
“I just feel so much for her, and it’s just an awful, awful incident.
“It just beggars belief that this sort of thing can be done.”
Royal Melbourne Hospital says the matter is being handled by police.

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