Soludo strikes, claims additional N8.6 trillion ‘stolen’ under Okonjo-Iweala

February 5, 2015 3:58 am

In his last article,
former CBN governor, Charles Soludo said that at least N30 trillion of
’s money has ‘either
been stolen or unaccounted for, or grossly mismanaged over the last few
years’ under Ngozi as Finance Minister. He released a
statement today saying that money doesn’t include about N8.6 trillion
the African Union claims is stolen from Nigeria annually. His statement
after the cut…


1. My attention has been drawn to statements credited to the Hon.
Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi
Okonjo-Iweala, in response to my latest article and call for a
structured debate on the issues. According to the report, she no longer
wants to join issues with me. In the circumstance of the moment, I
therefore withhold parts two and three of my promised three-part

2. Let me also state for the avoidance of doubt that I stand by every
statement I made in the two articles viz: (1) “Buhari Vs Jonathan:
Beyond the Elections”; and (2) “ and the Missing
Trillions”. In particular, I insist that over N30 trillion has either
been stolen or unaccounted for, or grossly mismanaged over the last few
years. This figure does not include the estimated $40.9 billion (N8.6
trillion at parallel market exchange rate or nearly two years’ Federal
Government budget) which the African Union’s (AU) recent report claims
to be “stolen” from Nigeria each year.
3. I wish to thank Nigerians all over the world who have been
contributing to this timely debate. This is election time and it is
expected that some vested interests will either choose to live in denial
or attempt to politicise the issues. But from the debate so far, I am
convinced that our economic management won’t be the same again. Once our
managers know that the citizens will rigorously and vigorously
challenge them to account, the welfare of the citizens will be better
for it. Whoever wins has his job cut out for him, and to the extent that
this debate has challenged the respective teams to seriously re-examine
their blueprints to guarantee the security and prosperity of every
Nigerian, my objective is accomplished. I love my country Nigeria, and
as I said before, I won’t keep quiet again.
Once more, Nigeria must survive and prosper beyond Buhari or Jonathan!

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