Reckless Lover Lands in Hot Soup at Sugar Mummy’s House

February 11, 2015 8:17 am

One Mrs , is currently at war with her children
after her sons beat up and injured a young man who has been in a romantic
relationship with her. Mrs Adebola was said to be dating the man who is the same age as her first son, Joseph.

According to LeadershipNG, the lover boy
identified as Maurice, was in the habit of visiting the
woman’s home located at Adeola Odeku street, Victoria Island, a widow, and most times, pass the night there. But
the bubble burst when one of Joseph’s friends who is also close to
Maurice, confided in Joseph that Maurice is dating his mother and has
been regaling them with how Mrs Adebola pants when he mounts her..

was said to have become very angry with the revelation and involved
his younger brother Mark, They laid out plans on how to catch
Maurice red-handed. They decided to lay ambush for the lover
True to the reports they got, Maurice came
late in the night with the intention of passing the night there as
usual, not knowing that his cover had been blown. After
waiting for a while, the brothers went back to the house and met Maurice naked
in their mother’s bed. The angry sons descended on him, giving him
the beating of his life.

It reportedly took the intervention of neighbours before the badly
wounded Mr. Maurice was released and rushed to hospital in critical

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