Rare Good Samaritan who reported burlgary on his street shocked to find out the thief was his own son

February 8, 2015 6:01 am

A Rare Good Samaritan was shocked when he reported a neighbor’s burglary on
his street – and police arrested, charged and jailed his own
SON (pictured above)

Honest , 59, called police after hearing an alarm go off,
and discovering a neighbour’s patio doors had been smashed.

According to Mirror Uk,When
his son Peter Eveson Jnr, 39, became agitated by the 999, his father
asked him if he knew anything about the raid.But despite the son’s
denials, he later admitted the burglary in Meir, Staffs, and has now
been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Jailing Eveson Jr, said:

“You will be 40 next year, by the time of your release probably 41.That
may be an opportunity for you to take stock of your life. At the time it
is in complete chaos.”

Prosecutor said:
“His father went to check as the alarm was sounding and discovered the
rear patio doors had been smashed.“He reported the matter to the police.
The defendant became agitated.
His father challenged him and asked
if he was responsible for the burglary. He denied it and said he would
not do it at his doorstep.

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