PDP Is Now Afraid Over The Coming Elections – Femi Falana

February 23, 2015 9:21 am

Respected lawyer and human rights activist, has observed
that the may have developed cold feet over the possible outcome of
the coming elections thus prompting shift in the poll.

Falana who addressed the press under the aegis of Nigerians United for
Democracy said all suggestions and considerations leading to the
postponement of the election were illegal.

He warned therefore that if government decides to inaugurate an interim
administration or causes any further shift of the election, it will be
massively resisted.

According to him, the National Security Adviser and the Service Chiefs
have no constitutional powers to advice or make input with regard to the
conduct of the election.
He said the constitution under section 153 established the National
Security Council (NSC) to be chaired by the president, adding that the
body is the constitutionally recognised body to advice the president on
security issues. “As far as we are concerned the postponement of the
elections at the instance of service chiefs cannot be justified in law.
It was a plot to undermine the democratic process and prevent Nigerians
from exercising their rights of franchise.” Falana declared.

He said that there is no conviction that after fighting Boko Haram
unsuccessfully for six years the authority will use six weeks to wipe
out the group.

Falana said that under section 215 of the constitution, the police is
the only authority empowered to conduct internal security while the
armed forces under section 217 of the constitution has the
responsibility to secure the territorial integrity of the nation.

“There is no place in the law where it is indicated that the armed
forces should be used to conduct election,” he insisted, adding that if
for any reason the president requires military intervention to maintain
peace, he will forward a formal request to the parliament whose duty is
to grant such request.

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