Obasanjo claims not to have either Facebook or Twitter account

February 24, 2015 7:54 am

 Obasanjo has disowned a twitter account in his name.Tne account with
over 30 thousand followers claims to be tweeting the thoughts of the
former President..

The account with the name Olusegun A. Obasanjo tweeted , “Fani-Kayode
is a democracy wrecker, who’s very fluent in stupidity. Give him food,
and he will sing and do “shoki” dance for you.”.
.Denouncing it as fake he said

I don’t have any account on either the Facebook or Twitter again. Go and
block it.”, “Let me say that, nemesis will catch up with anyone doing
this. It is illegal and criminal. If I have to pass any message to the
good people of , I know how to go about it with no controversy.”

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