Native Doctors and Traditional Rulers Storm Imo Governmnt House For Cleansing Over Alleged Coffin

February 18, 2015 3:42 pm

Native doctors and traditional rulers yesterday stormed the Imo
Government House, Owerri to perform what they described as exorcism of
evil spirits, saying they came to cleanse the state of the curse placed
by widows who protested last Tuesday.

The libation-pouring exercise, which began at the main gate of the
Government House, was presided over by traditional rulers mainly from
the ’s community of Ideato South.

According to TheNationalMirror,
the monarchs alleged that the Minister of State for Education, Prof
Viola Onwuliri, mobilised the widows who were brutalised in the course
of their protest march against the governor.
Chairman of Ideato Council of Traditional Rulers, Ajaraogu of Ogwume Community, Eze Ethelbert,
said he and the entire council of Ndi Eze in the
council area had earlier visited the traditional ruler of Amuzi in
Ahiazu Mbaise, Eze Innocent Ugochukwu, to warn their daughter, Onwuliri,
and her group against contending with the governor.

stated that they came to the Government House to neutralise
whatever evil the action of the widows may have attracted, as they
jointly poured libation to cleanse the Douglas House.

Pouring the libation, they prayed for divine guidance and protection of
Okorocha saying, “Our son, Owelle Okorocha, you did not cheat anyone to
come to Government House but were duly elected by the entire Imo people,
so no one will hurt you. Fear not, your people are with you and you
shall return,” he chanted.

Also, the deputy chairman, Eze Peter Ewuziem of Umuakam noted that for
over 40 years he has been on the throne, “this is the first time anyone
would carry a coffin to the domain of either civilian or military
leader; any person who planned this evil must receive it back.”

However, one of the brutalised widows maintained that she was part of
the protest march and no coffin was on display. She said, “Who would
carry the coffin, is it the old women? There was no coffin anywhere, but
if they insist they saw a coffin, then perhaps their gods may be giving
them a sign of doom.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Onwuliri has called on the governor to apologise to the
widows for encouraging young men to “attack and beat up their mothers.”

She said, “Even in the Bible, there is a curse attached to such atrocity
and whoever may have participated or engineered the attack on harmless
widows, who merely engaged in a peaceful protest, cannot go unpunished.”

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