My Husband Don’t Know How To Handle Me In The Bedroom

February 19, 2015 9:22 am

This is one issue causing serious wahala in many young marriages today. Read her story below:

I dont enjoy s*x with my hubby because of many reasons which i cannot
state here. Its really frustrating. I have tried to subtly give him
clues so i wont hurt his feelings but he never learns and would release
even before I finish removing my pant…
My elder sister bought a rabbit vibrator from the UK for me and its out
of this world. I am a house wife and I now see myself looking forward to
my husbands leaving in the morning so I can indulge, my problem now is
that I cant seem to get enough. I cum like 2/3 tyms every day before he
comes home from work. My orgasm always knocks me out and I tend to
deeply sleep off immediately. 

My kids are home on mid term break and I had to chase them out of my
room yesterday so I can indulge. I slept from 11am to almost 3pm and my
kids were hungry. I was so ashamed of myself when I woke up and the
thing was still in my veejay.

I feel as if my new rabbit is beginning to change me into something
else. I rarely have strength to do any thing these days and my hubby is
beginning to complain though I pretend to be sick to get him off my

I hid it inside one old long shoe but I am never comfortable. Whenever hubby goes to the wardrobe my heart jumps into my mouth.

I really am very confused about this thing. It has taken me to heaven
yet has stolen my sanity and peace of mind. I have thought about
throwing it away but I really don’t know if I can cope without it.
Please what do i do?
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