Mother Cries out Saying ‘Spiritual attack forced my son into robbery (Photo)

February 18, 2015 8:01 am

A middle- aged mother of four sent shock waves into the the spines of
police detectives in Lagos recently, when, on seeing her first son being
paraded as a suspected armed robber, she broke down and started crying
out loud, telling everybody that cared to listen that his son could not
have, ordinarily, done any bad thing.

According to her,

‘’He went into after having spiritual attack. As a mother, I
have done all I could to make sure that Taiwo becomes useful to himself.
After his father died, I tried my best with the little I had to ensure
that he completed his secondary school education.After that, I enrolled
him in a printing outfit as an apprentice. He was attached to his boss
for about a year and six months when he stopped. That was when I began
to notice these despicable behaviours of his.

‘’I started with prayers, no result. I took him to various native
doctors and prayer homes for deliverance yet, nothing changed. Rather,
he got worse by the day. He has not always been like this, which is why I
strongly believe this is the work of the enemy to render my son useless
in life. I have never collected anything from him because I know the
source of anything that comes through him is not clean. Even when he
buys a gift for me, I reject it because I am strongly against his way of
life. ‘’

Confessing to the , Taiwo Oluwole said:

 ‘’ I am an armed robber and I have participated in several robbery
operations. I started out as a pick-pocket, later I started breaking
into people’s houses and stealing their valuables. Thereafter I
graduated into full-fledged armed robbery two years ago. I bought the
gun from Segun Ogunlodo. He sold the gun to me for N18, 000.
really can’t explain why or how I went into robbery, because after my
secondary education, I went to learn printing for a year and six months
but I didn’t complete my apprenticeship.
Completion of apprenticeship
can’t explain why I stopped, because there was no reason. I later
became a labourer. I strongly believe that it was a spiritual attack
that led me into armed robbery.
“My mother has taken me to several
churches, prayer houses and native doctors for deliverance yet nothing
changed. I plead with the government to tender justice with mercy, I
promise not to continue in my old ways once I come out of this alive,’’
he stated amidst tears.

Other suspects speak

‘’I was arrested at Mushin area, and about six phones were recovered
from me. I bought the stolen phones from Taiwo. I knew they were stolen
items. I started buying and selling stolen items like phones and laptops
from guys like Taiwo since 2011. I was arrested after Taiwo was caught.
In his defence, 26-year-old Segun Ogunlodo, aka Sangbere, said he was
arrested because he sold a gun to Taiwo as he had no need for it.   I
got the gun from my brother who is currently serving a jail term in a
Cotonou prison for armed robbery related crimes.’’

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