Mode 9 won’t go commercial..Let others do ‘Shoki’ music & make their money

February 16, 2015 3:39 am

Mode 9 is one of ’s most notable rappers and lyricists ,however,
many feel he needs to change his style of rap and go commercial like Ice
Prince ,Olamide and even MI…However, he veteran rapper says he won’t
be pressured into changing his style.He told the Nigerian Tribune 

Mode 9 is cool, still doing music and still relevant in the industry. My
recent single, ‘Dobale’, a rap in pidgin, is trending and my fans love
it. I released my album early last year, even though some media
organisations refused to support us, just as these set of gate keepers
have not given due recognition to our kind of music, but we are still
pushing on.  I have noticed that the industry does not like some kind of
raps, but I will not relent in doing what I do best. I have been in the
industry for a while now and records have it that I have an impact in
the growth of the industry. However, I’m still working and doing music.

On why he doesn’t go commercial

I have heard that said too, but it isn’t totally true. Fuji and juju
music are still selling. Are they commercial music? Gospel music is
selling here and we all listen and love it. Is it also commercial music?
Of course not! I promoted my songs with the resources I have. Today’s
music demands that you spend millions in promoting your songs and
shooting videos. If I shoot the video of “Babatunde”, or any other in
Las Vegas, and bring Jay Z or Nas to have collaboration with me, that
kind of a thing will make a buzz because of the place and the artistes
involved. But should these kinds of music accompany our music? Today’s
music is evil, they say, but who made it evil? What I’m trying to say is
that my kind of rap, which people used to love sometime ago, may not be
loved today, but that doesn’t change my music. I’ll continue to do what
I love doing and what seems right with me and my fans. Let others do
‘Shoki music and make their money, I’ll also make mine in style.

Your hiphop is not on the frontline?

It’s not that it is not on the frontline, television. Reggae music is
suffering same. It is a bandwagon effect. Everybody is doing danceable
music, but what about other genres of  music? I released my album
‘Alphabetical Order’ early 2014 and some people said I was not doing the
kind of music that sells. I ask the question;  which kind of music
sells? The problem is that we don’t encourage or support people’s dreams
in this country. Instead of appreciating the intellect behind a
successful work or effort, some tend to castigate, and even be
sentimental about things. Mind you, I am not saying we should not give
room for criticism, but it is sometimes done to condemn what one has
vigorously done.

Why did you say that the media refused to support your music?

 I did not say that please. Don’t get me wrong. This is one of my
grouses with some journalists. You will discover that an innocent
interview you granted has been twisted.  This is why I have decided to
be conscious of whatever I say during an interview. I had even made up
my mind not to grant any interview again because I know people are only
interested in negative reports, which is very embarrassing, but I need
the support too. It is natural to feel bad when you discover that what
you said has been twisted, especially in a controversial way and people
begin to insult you without even reading the article because of some
crazy headline. I never said the media or a section of the media refused
to support my career.

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