Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kylie and North West in car crash in Montana

February 22, 2015 1:00 am

The Kardashian sisters and North were involved in a car in Montana today. TMZ reports

skidded on an ice-covered Montana road and dangerously
crossed into oncoming traffic, eventually landing in a ditch with Kim,
North and Kylie on board.

We’re told the girls were driving in Bozeman, MT Saturday morning
when a semi-truck drove by their car and kicked up a ton of snow,
hitting their windshield and apparently blinding Khloe. Khloe couldn’t see and began swerving, right into a patch
of black ice. The car then spun out of control, crossing oncoming
traffic and ending up in a ditch.

We’re told cops came and everyone’s ok.  

Kim posted this pic (above) on Instagram afterward … seemingly making reference to the accident.

Cops tell us there was no damage to the Kardashian’s vehicle — a
black Yukon GMC — and a motor carrier service called the slide-off into

We’re told the incident was part of a number of similar accidents
that happened today due to the icy roads … and the family was calm
when cops arrived. No citations were issued.

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