If You like Postpone Election 20 Times, we wont Vote President Jonathan – Esogban of Benin Kingdom

February 13, 2015 4:38 pm

The and Chairman of Benin Forum, which embodies
all Binis in and the Diaspora, Chief David Edebiri, has
declared that notwithstanding the postponement of the general elections
by INEC, the Binis will not vote for President Goodluck Jonathan. The
Binin Forum is also the mouthpiece of the revered Benin monarch, Oba

He identified one of the sins committed by President Jonathan against the Binis as the
Taking away of the only position given them by late President Musa
Yar’Adua, which was Minister of State for Works occupied by Engr Chris
Ogiemwonyi, saying, “he took the position and gave to his ex-wife Stella
Oduah who comes from Anambra state and even made her a full Minister.”

Chief Edebiri then alleged that, “what was for the Benins was taken to
Anambra by the present administration. Is that why the Benin people will
vote for the PDP? Besides robbing the Benin people of the Ministerial
appointment, the home of the former Minister (Engr. Ogiemwonyi) was
completely broken by the action of the presidency…
“Is that what they have done for the Benin people that will make us to
vote PDP? Impossible. If they want to postpone elections 20 times the
people are here waiting for them. The consequences of what Jonathan has done will be very grievous for him and his party.

“You met a man who was appointed half Minister by previous
administration, his people in Benin voted massively for you during the
elections, you now want to compose a new executive, you dropped him and
took his wife who comes from across the Niger.

“Consequently this home became divided and irretrievably broken. Robbing
Benin of their Ministerial appointment, destroying their son’s home for
the interest of some people in Abuja.

And this time around you are coming to campaign here that we should vote
for you, it is not possible, that we will vote for such people because
the Benin nation has been sidelined with ignominy in the present
arrangement,” said the Bini Chief.

He said further, “Nothing the Federal government can come to point to in Edo state that this is what we have done in the last four years. We have a governor who is performing. We have a governor we all love because of his developmental strides.

“The same Federal government is starving the state government of funds,
they don’t want the government to perform any more for us. How do we
vote for people like that? The die is cast, whether they like it or not
the defeat of the present Federal Government is imminent and

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