How Men and Women Can Get Better In Bed

February 6, 2015 10:35 am

The officials of NAFDAC made an arrest recently. They intercepted four truck
loads of unregistered aphrodisiacs known as Heragra and Ziagra, peddled
as remedies for er*ctile dysfunction and low libido.

of NAFDAC, Paul Orhii, said these s*x enhancers were imported in
dangerous doses that were way above the globally acceptable

Orhii says, “The unregistered sildenafil citrate
tablets are usually registered and recommended in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg,
but the unregistered Heragra and Ziagra that we seized came in a
strength of 120mg, which is almost double the recommended strength.”

simple terms, the drugs came in amounts that could harm any individual
who attempts to use these s*x enhancers to boost his performance in bed.
An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases libido.

But why use dangerous drugs when there are simple steps you can take today to do well in bed?
say because they are in high demand in the market, counterfeiters now
see producing and selling fake and substandard s*x enhancers to the
unsuspecting public as a means of making quick profit.

Tackle stress
Gynaecologist, Dr. James Onore, notes that work-related stress, which
has become a normal hazard in the 21st century, could be the reason why
the man or the woman cannot experience sexual desire or gain much
pleasure from love-making as they used to.

The expert explains
that when a man or woman is stressed out, the body responds by releasing
some chemicals that reduce the male and female sexual hormones, hence
lowering their libido.

“The body reacts to stress by releasing
adrenaline and cortisol and these chemicals interfere with your body’s
s*xual hormone levels, and result is a low libido. Stress also narrows
the artery, which now restricts bloodflow to the penis — a situation
that can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

“The penis will not
be as turgid as it should be. The emotional angle is that stress can
reduce your libido by distracting you and taking your mind off sexual
desire,” Onore states.

Drop the bottle
If you have been
drinking a lot of alcohol with your buddies lately, you may score low
points in the bedroom. Experts note that while a little alcohol can help
lower inhibitions, too much can impair the nervous system and lead to
fatigue, making it difficult to get aroused s*xually.

The trick, they say, is for the man to know when to stop on the bottle.

states, “Men who take alcohol to enhance their performance in bed are
actually reducing their s*xual performance. Alcohol inhibits sexual
performance, it does not boost it. In fact, a glass of wine is all you
need to feel good about yourself, which may help you more receptive to
the idea of s*x; it does not make you enjoy it. It is better to steer
clear of it when you are already experiencing low desires for s*x.”

Sleep at least eight hours a day
of sleep contributes to low sexual desire for women. Onore says quality
sleep is an essential ingredient for good s*xual health, especially in
women, who tend to sleep less than men generally. To knock out this
problem quickly, the gynaecologist says getting at least eight hours of
sleep during the weekend would help women reduce stress levels and
restore their libido, not to mention the good it will bring into their
marriage beds.

It is not just about the man, there are natural aphrodisiacs that can help both male and female get their groove back.

many of the natural aphrodisiacs are basically made from plant sources,
food experts say they have little or no side effects when compared to
synthetic s*x enhancers which may not work and when they do, come with
serious and embarrassing side effects.

A natural aphrodisiac,
according to sexual health experts on Live Strong, is tomato. Many food
experts prefer to call the tomato the “apple of love,” as its juice has
been proved to boost the production of some sexual hormones.

have found aphrodisiac properties in common spices and herbs.
Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, conducted an
extensive review of dozens of studies on various plant products thought
to have aphrodisiac powers and found ginger to be a very potent sex

They say ginger, nutmeg, turmeric powder and jalapeno
pepper are powerful aphrodisiacs that increase s*xual prowess by
enhancing the secretion of testosterone in men as well as in women.

they say, have the juice that can improve muscle control in the groin,
and can aid in a number of other between-the-sheets efforts, too.

You can use this weekend to make up for the hours of sleep you lost and make your spouse happy

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